I am Jacqué and I am pleased to introduce you to MiMi J’s Kitchen. I am the owner and Chief Meal Engineer, CME.

MiMi J’s Kitchen was born from a desire to help my family and friends who didn’t cook, had returned home from a hospital stay or so busy with their jobs and or children that they didn’t have time to cook at home. Many of the friends I cooked for were single, retired couples or first-time parents. The one thing they all had in common is they didn’t cook, but they knew they wanted meal time to be easy to make their busy schedules more tolerable. They were tired of eating out every day. In the summer of 2015 I decided to live my passion of making people smile through my meals and desserts and started MiMi J’s Kitchen. I am MiMi to my grandchildren.

MiMi J’s prepares daily meals and desserts from fresh ingredients. The meals are then refrigerated until your scheduled delivery or pickup time. You store them in your fridge or freezer then reheat in the manner which works best for you. A great meal is on the table in less than 5 minutes.

Meals are prepared using oils that are deemed heart healthy by the medical community. As little salt as I can get away with is used. Meals are not prepared using artificial ingredients. Real butter is used when necessary. Artificial sweeteners are not used in preparing any of your meals or desserts.

Note: If you have any known food allergies, I am sorry to say that MiMi J’s is not the meal service for you as I use nuts, wheat, and dairy in not just desserts, but in every meal, prepared. The“commercial” kitchen is not large enough to separate foods.

In MiMi J’s kitchen the goal is to provide you with a great tasting and convenient alternative to eating out and hopefully bring back a sense of days gone by. Days when our meals were mostly in our homes and at the table. Meals that consisted of fresh vegetables and not hidden under a pound of cheese.

MiMi J’s is not a diet meal service and I make no “Health” claims regarding my food. A list of all major ingredients is provided for each meal to help you know what you are consuming. Your plates will not be “Texas” sized portions. Every meal is portioned out to give you a satisfying plate of food and not leave you sluggish after eating. It may take you a few days to get used to eating less if you are a big eater. Protein portions range from 4 to 6 oz serving sizes. While vegetable, starches and fruit will range from ½ cup to 1 cup per serving when paired with most animal protein dishes. There are times when your portions may be a little more. All portions sizes noted are an approximation. You will never get less than the afore mentioned portion sizes.

You deserve to rest when you leave work and your family deserves to have more quality time with you. If you are not running around trying to find a decent meal after soccer practice or that late night after work you can give that time back to yourself or family by choosing MiMi J’s Kitchen. It is not my intention to lure you away from your favorite restaurants. Relax with my meals Monday through Friday and get out with family and friends on the weekend then connect with MiMi J’s Kitchen again on Monday.

If you don’t cook or are tired of trying to figure out where to go and grab a meal after hours then let me help. Let me help give you back some of your valuable time by doing the shopping, cooking and delivery of your meals each day.

Jacqué G.