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Mimi’s Banging Shrimp

This shrimp dish will have you begging for more. It is loaded with lots of flavor with a tiny bit of heat. MiMi J’s Banging Garlic Shrimp is sauteed in MiMi J’s Garlic and lemon sauce.

Blackened Salmon with Green Beans and Potatoes

Scottish Salmon is truly a winner in our book. It’s the mildest tasting salmon and has such a fresh taste. The meal comes with 6oz (pre-cook weight) salmon, green beans, potatoes, 4 shrimp and our lemon garlic butter sauce.

Gumbo with Shrimp and Rice

It’s gumbo time! You will love MiMi’s gumbo. MiMi always makes her roux the old fashioned way. There is a little heat in our gumbo, but not so much that the kiddos can’t enjoy it. The sausage is a mix of pork and beef. The chicken and shrimp are always tender.


MiMi J’s jambalaya packs a lot of flavor from the dark meat chicken to the “Trinity” of vegetables and a little heat. The heat comes from our “Cajun” spice blend and the Andouille sausage as well as Tasso ham. Both are pork sausages with lots of spices, including cayenne pepper. It’s not so hot that your mouth is numbed. It’s enough for you to know it’s there.

Sweet Heat Wings

Mimi’s Sweet Heat Wings with carrot fries.
Each time MiMi makes her oven-baked wings the sauce is different. This week’s wing sauce is Honey Butter.

Sausage & Chicken with Creamy Grits

Heavenly is what we think of with this comfort dish. Perfectly seasoned chicken, beef and pork sausage with sprinkles of yellow and white sweet corn laid over a bed of cheesy grits. It’s mouth-watering!

Stuffed Acorn Squash

The meat sauce is made with Beef and Acorn Squash. There are hints of warm spices topped with toasted spiced pecans and a sprinkle of Mozzarella cheese.
Served with seasoned green beans and wild rice.

Note: Pecans and cheese will be a side garnish for the customer to sprinkle over their squash.